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I finally decided to migrate from Drupal to WordPress for the ease of use and anti spam functionality.

5 thoughts on “Site Renewal

  1. Hi there NattoSan 🙂

    Just made first batch ( 250 gr) of Natto exactly as you did and it’s very good!

    Thank you very much for sharing!

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  2. Just completed my first batch of “not quite” natto. Tastes good, but strings are so few as to be nonexistent. Not sure where I went wrong. Followed all steps, saw white stuff growing on the beans in the incubator, but no “neba neba” to be found.
    Even bought the smaller, round, organic non GMO beans! Used starter culture from Gem Cultures (no local Asian market for 1.5 hour radius), sterilized everything, had a constant 107 degrees incubator…
    any suggestions?

  3. Hi! Thanks to this great site, I am now on my second batch of homemade natto. It’s much easier than I ever thought. The cooler method works great. I am experimenting with slightly flavoring the beans before fermenting them. This time I cooked them in chicken stock and they came out fine. I’ll be braver next time and try a little chicken stock, soy sauce and hot sauce just to see. Any ideas about whether that might affect the fermenting process? So happy to be eating natto again! (I lived in Japan for 16 years.) =)

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