Airtight container for aging and storing

I recommend using airtight container for both aging process and storing in a refrigarator.

As for the dryness of soy beans, make sure your beans are very hot and moist before adding  starer culture.  Make sure that there is a fair amount of moisture around the beans during the fermentation process.

8 thoughts on “Airtight container for aging and storing

  1. Hi,

    I did not understand how you keep the air tight container HOT and MOIST? and how do you keep it at 45 degrees hot.
    – Also where do you get the starter natto-kin from?
    Please guide.

  2. I have successfully made natto following your instructions and using Nattoking natto from the Fujiya store as my starter. The natto reached its best flavour after maturing for 6 days in the fridge. It’s fabulous. I would now like to freeze some natto using the same clear container that you use for your natto. Please can you tell me where I can purchase these neat storage containers so perfect so stocking up on home-made natto. Thanks.

    1. Hi Beverly, I would not freeze Natto given the choice unless you have a way to freeze-dry it. After long freezing process and long de-freezing process, you fabulous one may become a sad one. Least to say, I began making it myself because all the once frozen Natto across the pacific ocean never tasted the same. I also know the it can stay quite tasty and pleasant for more than three week being just in a refrigerator when kept air tight.

      1. Are you making your natto from spore or from your own natto? I am going to contact Gaia Enterprises on Blue Grouse Way in North Vancouver – they advertise they sell the spore. The culture sold via Cultures for Health is way too expensive in shipping costs.

  3. Hi Nattoking,

    I am new here and would like to try Natto.

    How was Natto born if you don’t have the kin to start with?

    Can I make one from scratch?

  4. Hi NattoKing, I have used your directions twice. My natto was nice and stringy, but mild in taste. What am I doing wrong, or is mild okay. I am eating natto for the vitamin K2 and nattokinase, so I want to be sure that my natto contains those.

    Thank you very much for your website!

  5. I see you have stopped posting, but thank you for the natto making instructions. I expect I will make my own soon, as it is expensive from the local store.
    Do you know if dried natto beans, which taste like salted peanuts, have the live/healthy bacteria still active?

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